Stephanie Goodwin

  • TORC Tech

  • Ice/Wood Sculpting Tech

  • Sculpt Pod Tech

  • Viora Radio Frequency Certified

  • CryoSkin Certified Tech

Stephanie has the knowledge and practical experience to help you on your journey to a new body.  Stephanie focuses on each client’s needs with practical assessments of the specific body parts you wish to improve.  She is committed to helping you achieve your own personal goals.  Think of her as your new personal trainer! While she works to make your experience as comfortable as possible, Stephanie will push you to the next level during each treatment session.

TORC Body Contouring is FDA approved safe and effective technology for non-invasive body shaping.  TORC delivers proven results for cellulite reduction and inch loss.  TORC helps detoxify for a more youthful look in a natural way.  Strengthen muscles, improve posture, increase metabolic rate and tighten the skin for long lasting results.

CryoSkin works by using sub-zero temperatures to destroy fat. Stephanie uses this science to provide slimming and cellulite reduction with incredible results.

Sculpt Pod burns 500 calories in 15 minutes. Infrared heat and light stimulates the body’s natural process for breaking down and releasing stored content in fat cells.