TORC Plus Body Contouring

We are the only skin clinic in the state of Oklahoma that offers this amazing treatment. FDA-cleared TORC Plus treatments help to build lean muscle mass resulting in toning, firming and cellulite reduction around abs, thighs, buttocks and arms.  To obtain a non-surgical and natural way of losing weight, contouring body or maintaining fitness, you need to build muscles.  Patented TORC technologyexercises the muscles around the problem areas in a very powerful way, while you are lying down on a massage table.  TORC treatments when combined with a diet plan and detox sessions, bring fast and long-lasting results. 


DermaFRAC micro-channeling

Technology for beautiful skin with no pain or downtime.  DERMAFRAC is safe and effective for many skin types and has been shown to improve conditions such as:

  • congested, oily skin
  • scars
  • stretch marks
  • skin dehydration
  • superficial fine lines & wrinkles
  • pigmentation, sun spots and uneven skin tone

Your treatment will be individualized by the selection of a DERMAFRAC serum to target your specific condition.


The Derma Peel

This treatment delivers immediate results with an average procedure time of less than 30 minutes.  Also known as the “Lunch Time Peel” because you can return to work or other daily activities immediately after the procedure without the need for recovery or healing time.