Mary Reed, at Esteem Skin Clinic, is a true professional! She takes time to ensure that the products and services selected for you will make the biggest difference in your skin. I have noticed a significant change in my friends skin and asked what she has been doing. She told me that she has been seeing Mary. Since seeing Mary myself (only 3 times so far), friends have commented on how great my skin looks. I can’t wait to see how much it continues to improve with Mary’s expertise and products!
— Linda S.
Mary is the most kind, knowledgeable, professional, fun Esthetician I have ever worked with. We formulated a plan together after reviewing my skin analysis. She has also recommended some daily uses products that I love! Thank you Mary... I look forward to my regular facials.
— Sonya H.
WOW! Learned so much about my skin. It looks amazing and now I know how to keep it looking fabulous! Thank You!
— Nicola E.
I loved learning about my skin a few months ago, and Mary always knows just what it needs!
— Skylar H.
Getting the TORC Treatments at the clinic, I must say I’m loving it. I can see some definition showing on my abs. Both ladies are wonderful and do everything to make you feel comfortable.
— Stephany F.
I’ve been coming for about a month now, torc’ing my abs and butt area. I’m physically active in life but since torc’ing I have noticed an improvment in muscle tone, in my running endurance, and in yoga. I’ve really enjoyed torc’ing my abs because it’s helped get those stubborn areas left over from childbirth.
— Tiffany
Highly recommend this spa, I did the TORC Treatment and Tiffany explained everything she was doing. Always made sure I was comfortable.
— Edith P.
The only placed in Oklahoma to get TORC’d! I love the techs, they were super helpful and friendly! Highly recommend if you are looking for firmer skin or muscular definition! Just purchased three sessions.
— Kaylee H.
Great customer service and knowledgeable staff. They explain things in detail and treat you with care and ease. I would recommend anyone to give them a try. Happy Customer!
— Jessica H.
The TORC is amazing. I lost up to 3 inches in the first sessions. If you stick with it, you will definitely see an improvement.
— Kellie
TORC was an awesome experience. Totally recommend. Feel results almost immediately.
— Stephanie H.
TORC is a quick, safe and easy way to tone and strengthen. I’ve noticed that since torc’ing regularly, I’m stronger in my yoga practice. I also like that I feel toned after a treatment.
— R.G.


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